Annuntio vobis gaudium…

… well, perhaps not quite so magnum, but good news nevertheless.

I am pleased to announce that I have been accepted to a Catholic seminary to study for the priesthood.  As the seminary is in a foreign country, and as the notice came a bit late, I have been in a mad scramble to get many things done in preparation for my departure.  I am sorry that content has not been updated very frequently, therefore.

Because my time and internet access will be very limited at the seminary, I am considering a series, in which we summarize the contents of one of the more extensive, theological manuals used by seminarians and priests in days of yore.  It would be a complete overview of sound, traditional, Catholic doctrine.  If readers would like to read such content, interspersed with an original post from time to time (if possible), let me know.  Otherwise, I don’t know how much content I’ll be able to produce for you over the next couple of years.

I will make an embarrassing appeal: seminary will be very costly, not only for the tuition, room/board, the expenses that inevitably arise when travelling/living abroad, etc., but also for the expenses of various major moments – buying the first cassock, the first diaconal vestments, the first priestly vestments and sacred vessels (chalices, patens, etc.)   Thank God, I have a few sponsors making regular donations; please consider donating, also, if you are able.  I have been a monk for almost ten years, now, so you can imagine that my liquid assets are not very great!  Info is on our Support Us page.

And for those who are worried about my orthodoxy, do not worry; while I do believe sedevacantism is the opinio probabilior at present, the seminary is a canonical institution of the Catholic Church, recognizing Francis as pope.  I realize our situation is complex, and that there are Catholics on all sides of the debate in our current crisis.  The seminary is for a traditional rite with an hierarchy ordained in that traditional rite; one lucky thing about my bi-ritual background, is that it keeps my options open!  I am keeping details about the seminary scarce, however, for reasons of privacy – both mine, and theirs.

I hope to produce some more content for a little while, here, until I leave.  After that, if folk indicate that they are interested, I will see about preparing those theological summaries. If we run one a week, maybe we’ll be done around the time I’m ordained, please God!

I ask, most of all, everyone’s prayers.  The priesthood is the most terrifying responsibility and power given to men – a tremendous power, greater than that wielded by any angel; it is a participation in the theandric acts of our Lord Jesus Christ.  It behooves me to be the best priest I can be.  I would beg a rosary a week from people (or an Akathist, if you are opposed to the rosary).  But, whether much or little: pray for me!

Many thanks to all.


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  1. Matt says:

    Congratulations. I took some seminary classes from a different faith several years ago and it was life changing. Unfortunately one of the changes was that I learned how much that church hates people like me. I’ve thought a bit about Catholic seminary, but I don’t support what the Catholic Church has become. Currently I am thinking about possibilities of one of the Orthodox churches.

    Good luck to you. I’ll say a prayer for your success.


    1. Fr Joel says:

      The Catholic Church is the mystical body of Christ. Founded on the apostles. Sure, it has veered off course of late, but the barque of Peter will be righted. Perhaps not without a severe admonishment and great struggle, but nevertheless. Honest men such as yourself abandoning ship to tread water in the abyss serves neither you nor the rest of the crew left aboard.

      I went through a seminary that had some awful formation (but not all) and often showed little love for the things that are true and good. Despite this there was much joy and the men around me the best of brothers.

      Find a good Catholic parish, frequent the sacraments and get a solid spiritual director. Equip yourself to discern the gift God is offering you. I pray it is the sacred priesthood, but God’s will be done.

      I hope I haven’t come across in a belligerent manner; I seek to be encouraging above all else.

      In Domino.


  2. fjwawak says:

    The summaries would be appreciated if you will have time. If not, no problem. I’ll keep you in my prayers. If nothing else I owe you for your effort.


  3. Fr Joel says:

    Deo gratias! I shall pray for you.


  4. Adalbrecht says:

    Deo gratias! Would definitely be interested in seeing those summaries.


  5. Josh in Idaho says:

    If you should find yourself stationed, following your time at seminary, in Coeur d’Alene (or even sent all the way down to New Plymouth), I would be very glad to obtain your priestly blessing.


  6. Jim says:

    Deo gratias but you shall be missed.

    Your articles were the best thing about ROK.

    I hope your years at seminary are fruitful. We could use an American, arch-traditionalist pope in the near future…

    Anyways, thoughts and prayers. Vadas cum Deo.


  7. Mark Citadel says:

    You will be sorely missed! I’ll keep an eye on this site to see what you can put out, but by all means, devote time to your betterment as a priest. God be with you, and please say a prayer for all of us working towards a Traditional future.


    1. aureliusmoner says:

      Many thanks! You and all other readers can be assured of my prayers; please pray for me.


  8. Elostirion says:

    I realize this is very late, but I too am interested in these summaries. You might even consider publishing them on Kindle or the like, I’d consider paying for them.


    1. aureliusmoner says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I have a ton of irons in the fire at the moment, but the summaries are still very much on my mind. Hopefully I’ll have something soon!


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