Do you live in the EU?

If any readers happen to live in the EU, or know anyone who does (especially but not necessarily in Spain), there is an urgent matter, in which you may be able to aid us.  Your part in it would be very small.  Please contact us via the contact page.


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  1. Ramón says:

    Maybe I can help. I’m from Spain.


    1. aureliusmoner says:

      Deo Gratias! Thanks for replying; I’ll send you an email at the address on your profile.


    2. aureliusmoner says:

      Ramón, I sent you an email to the gmail address on your profile. Let me know if I should send it to another address. Thanks.


  2. Andy Pye says:

    Hi Br. Aurelius,I’m in the UK, so in the E (for now at least)What is it you require assistance with?All the best,Andy


    1. aureliusmoner says:

      Andy, thanks for your reply. I’m having some trouble with travel abroad (visa stuff), and, depending upon the country, many folk in the EU could help me find another way to make it work. I just checked the UK consulate’s site out and, sadly, the UK won’t be an option in this case. But I appreciate the willingness to help. We’ll add you to the prayers in commemoration of benefactors in gratitude for the thought.


  3. Lee says:

    Yes I live in the EU, How can I help?


  4. haydutin says:

    Maybe is a little bit late, but i live in Spain


    1. aureliusmoner says:

      Maybe. We have found another option in the short term, but in March we will make another attempt, and at that time it may become relevant again. I’ll drop you a line about it. Thanks!


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