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If you haven’t yet, we recommend that you take a moment to peruse our About page here. It is also under construction, but we believe that it helps to give you a clear idea of who we are and what we represent.

If you are moved by any of what you have just read, then consider donating here. is unavailable in some areas; the email address associated with our paypal account is hieronymitehermitage  (AT)    – you have to clean that address up, of course.

You can also contact us directly if you’re interested in being more involved.  We appreciate it.  We can use all the help we can get.  In particular, we have received a couple enquiries about helping to build the hermitage, whether in South America or the USA.  If you are single, mobile and up for an adventure, we would love to get a group of guys together with some building experience (or some smarts), to scout locations, hang out on the property, work, build, etc.  Women accompanied by an husband/father would be welcome, under certain conditions.

Donations and prayers are needed generally, but also especially for: 1) Brother Aurelius’ seminary studies; 2) finding a location/buying land for the hermitage; 3) building the hermitage; 4) equipping the hermitage with the necessities of life; 5) gathering the necessary books, vestments, sacred vessels, ecclesiastical furnishings, etc., for the divine services.  Please pray for us regularly; as to donations, money is good, but land or items themselves are fine – often modernized, Novus Ordo folk have neglected statuary and old liturgical items in their sacristy, or good, old books in their library, which they never use and may actively dislike.  Ask if you can have them, or if you can buy them for a pittance (Catholics of yore would happily steal sacred items that were being disrespected and neglected, but who am I to encourage their good example?).  Rescue such things and send them whither they shall be treasured.

When this is all done, men seeking to live a religious life or vocation will be welcome to come for a visit; we hope to train a group of men to do the services beautifully, in a simple but beautiful, medieval style.  We hope to prepare and to publish devotional and theological books, as well as to make tasteful objects of religious devotion for Catholics (iconography, statuary, carvings, etc.), in order to save modern Catholics from the plague of kitsch that is everywhere around them.  We are looking for men who are not afraid to go into danger if, in the near future, it becomes necessary for us to go to dangerous locales to assist in Catholic action. We think there is a great opportunity to work alongside emerging nationalist movements in the USA, Europe and elsewhere, for a restoration of Christian culture and tradition; but that will often mean working in some rough situations.  If you think God may be calling you, keep in touch with us.  God willing, we will do what we can for His service in such times.  God bless you all.

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